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when we emphasize the importance of the setup, the question we may ask is that how to improve the setup and what we should notice.

There are eight steps to practise setup.


NO.1 Alignment

Parallel  your body (feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders and eyes)at address to the target line. When looked from behind, a right-handed golfer will take in aimed slightly left of the target. This optical illusion is created because the ball is on the target line and the body is not.

The easiest way to form this is the image of a railroad track. The body is on the inside rail and the ball is on the outside rail. For right-handers, at 100 yards your body will appear aligned approximately 3 to 5 yards left, at 150 yards approximately 8 to 10 yards left and at 200 yards 12 to 15 yards left.


NO.2 Foot Position
The feet should be as wide as the shoulder (outside of the shoulders to the inside of the heels) for the middle Iron Set. The short iron stance will be two inches narrower and the stance for long Iron Set and woods should be two inches wider. The target-side foot should be extended toward the target from 20 to 40 degrees to let the body to rotate toward the target on the downswing. The back foot should be square (90 degrees to the target line) to slightly open to create the proper hip turn on the back swing. The proper foot placement should be determined by your flexibility and body rotation speed .


NO.3 Ball Position
The ball position are defferent with the club you select.

From a flat lie:

Short Iron Set: Play your short Iron Set (wedges, 9-iron and 8-iron) in the center portion of your stance. These clubs have the most upright lie angles and they must be swung at the steepest angle, and you should take a divot in front of the ball.

Middle Iron Set: Middle Iron Set need  one ball toward the target-side foot from center.These clubs have a slightly flatter lie angle and you should take a slightly shallower divot than with the short Iron Set.
PS: a ball left of center for the right-handed golfer.

Long Iron Set: The correct ball position for the long Iron Set and fairway woods is two balls toward the target-side foot from center (two balls left for the right-hander). With these clubs, the ball should be struck directly at the bottom of the swing arc with very little divot.

Driver: The driver should be played farthest forward to strike the ball on the upswing.
PS: three balls left of center for the right-hander


NO.4 Balance
You weight should not be balbanced on the heels or toes but on the balls. If you choose the short Iron Set, 60-percent of your weight should be on the target side foot (left foot for right-handers), while middle Iron Set should spend your 50% weight on each foot and place  60% of your weight  on the backside foot (right foot for right-handers) with the longest clubs, which will help you swing the club on the correct angle on the back swing.


If you want to get much more golf tips, you may visit the: http://www.golfsale18.com/article-29-Why-Golf-Beginners-Learn-Setup-First.html. Thank you for reading my article.


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