Free Golf Lessons

A free golf swing lesson seems a little too good to be true. But there are actually a variety of websites available that offer free videos to help you improve your swing. Golfing is a fun sport that people of all ages enjoy. Children as young as three and four years old are playing as well as older adults that are well into their 70’s or 80’s.

The Golf Clubs

Having the right clubs can make a difference in your game. If you are playing with a club that is too large or too small, it will be difficult for you to hit the ball correctly. If you aren’t hitting the ball correctly; your golf game isn’t going to be fun. Purchase the correct equipment then, learn the basic skills and the rest will come. So the first step to being a good golfer is to buy some clubs that fit you. You don’t need to buy the top of the line PGA professional clubs. But on the other hand don’t buy the most inexpensive clubs. To enjoy the game you will need the proper equipment.

The Swings

Ever golfer at ever level of play wants to improve their swing. But it is difficult to see what needs improvement while you are swinging the golf club. You could ask the local pro or another golfer to critique your swing. Why not critique your own swing? A good way to take a look at your golf swing plane is to video tape your swing and your stance. You don’t have to take the video camera to the golf course. Set the video camera up in the backyard.

Have a friend or family member, video tape a couple of different types of shots. Then later you can go back and watch yourself and your swing. Usually you will be able to clearly see areas that you can improve. You might not be getting a full swing or maybe you tend to look up before you have hit the ball.

The video camera is a great learning tool for all levels of play.


After you have watched your golf video, you can watch some free swing videos online. While watching the professional golf swings, you will probably notice even more areas that you would like to improve. The golf tournaments are great play to get pointers. The commentators also have great advice and the television angles are always the best. Watching the professionals swing their clubs is a great way to see how you should be doing it.

You can write down the areas where you feel you can improve your golf swing. Then work on those noted areas the next couple times that you go golfing. After a few weeks of playing golf and practicing at the golf range, take out the video camera again and see how you have improved.

When you videotape yourself; make sure you film all varieties of swings so you can see what your driving, chipping, and putting all look like. You may be surprised the first time you watch the video because you will see plenty of areas that will need improvement. Don’t worry golf is a sport you can play your entire life. It is a great sport for all ages.

Improving your golf game is an ongoing process that requires a lifetime of dedication. Golf is just one of those sports that takes a lot of time to develop your game. So enjoy yourself and play some golf.

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