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With the invention of the internet you can now get golf lessons online. Don’t be fooled, these lessons are not the same as a one to one lesson with golf professionals. These types of lessons are golf instructions from lots of different sources. Some of these lessons are good and some are extremely bad.

So How Can You Get Golf Lessons Online?

Well as I have already mentioned, golf lessons online come in various forms. You can type into Google just about anything to do with golf and get some kind of golf instruction. If you want to improve your swing then just ask for it within the Google search and you will be offered a number of options, such as:


Articles are free to read and give some great information about every part of the game. You can learn how to achieve a perfect swing. The only problem with these is that everyone has a different technique, and what they suggest may not fit with your specific golf technique. With lots of different articles offering lots of different techniques, it can become confusing and in fact hinder your game to some degree.

Videos or YouTube Videos:

These are also a great way to get golf lessons online. You can watch one of these videos on all aspects of the game and learn a lot. With YouTube taking over the internet you get lots of information from different videos. Again though, you can pick up some good tips but it’s all very disjointed in that you can see a complete set of golf lessons online without mixing different techniques.

Golf Sites with Golfing Tips:

Again a great way to sort out little problems you may have with a particular part of your game. But again, these tips may work for you, but may also confuse you.

I have found that if I find a tip on the internet and it doesn’t work, I have spent a week before I can test out the next tip. You will quickly find that patching up your game with tips here and tips there, you will almost always never improve.

My best advice if you want golf lessons online is to not take tips from different parts of the net. The best advice is to use a golfing plan from one source. The benefits of this are that your whole game will be based on a solid formula and not dependent on lots of different techniques.

For a comprehensive and detailed formula you will have to invest in a online golf lesson course. These could be downloadable video lessons or downloadable eBook lessons.

I would personally go for the latter as you are not tied to a PC. With a book you can take it to work or read it in the bath. And when you do go to the driving range to hit a few ball and practice your new techniques, you can take the book with you.

To become a better golfer you need to practice, but you also need good instruction. You can get golf lessons online, but stay away from all the confusing tips from so many different sources and invest in a golfing course from one source.

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