Speed and Distance Control in Putting

Speed and Distance Control in Putting

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One of the mistakes I see a lot on the putting green, particularly with new golfers or intermediate golfers is really knowing how to judge the speed on your putt.  How do you practice learning the speed and distance control of the putt?

I’ve got a little drill set up here with 4 golf balls.  You can use 5 or 3, whatever you want to do. Starting them in about 2 foot increments.  When you’re hitting the putt, you want to have that ball dropping in over the front edge of the cup. 

Okay, so to start this drill, you want to get really close and feel the first putt dropping in over the front edge of the cup and then work your way back judging the distance.  It’s going to help you with distance control and you’re not going to see a lot of this, where you hit the ball too hard.  Okay, back and through, I just knocked that one way by the hole, so this will give you a good concept on how hard you have to hit the ball from certain distances. 

Work on this and you will find yourself making a lot fewer putts on the golf course and lowering your scores.

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