Fix Your Golf Slice!

Fix Your Golf Slice!

A good way to start is to take 1/2 swings, hip high to hip high.  Feel the weight of the club, & feel your arms & legs moving together at the same pace.  My suggestion would be to use a 7 iron, and start with very short swings, i.e. 2ft backswing & 2ft. follow through, and you want to get the feeling of the ball striking the clubface.  You’ll notice that the golf club will lift the ball into the air. 

Assuming that you are right handed, your left wrist should remain straight & not allow the right hand to push the clubhead ahead of the hands, which is very common in beginning players, because the right hand is dominant. 

Progress from the 2ft. swing to gradually longer swings keeping the pace of the swing constant, backwards & forwards.  Gradually work the swing up into a full swing.

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