Golf Swing Speed

Golf swing speed is definitely a difficult thing to increase for most novice golfers. We’ve all heard about it and know it relates somehow to lengthier drives, but how can we boost our golf swing speed quickly and effectively? Do you think you should swing harder? Have you attempted that approach? What happened? I can make a wild guess. The ball didn’t go anywhere!

You were probably so tense that your golf swing speed with your driver was actually much slower. That’s not what you want!

So how do you achieve the ever-elusive higher golf swing speed? It starts with your golf swing mechanics and golf swing drills. Your core. The center of your machine. The stronger and more flexible you get your core, the faster the arms, hands and club will come through without swinging harder. Resulting in longer and much straighter drives.

Just take a look at the main movement in the golf swing! It’s rotational! In ALL sports movement…what dictates the power? One guess. It’s your core. That’s why athletes spend so much time throwing weighted medicine balls, pulling weighted cables and doing tons of twisting exercises with resistance. The same approach should be taken for the golfer wanting to improve their golf swing speed.

Start with simple rotational exercises that incorporate both strength and flexibility – Sit upright with a club on your shoulders behind your neck, grab each end with your hands. While facing forward, focusing straight ahead, rotate to the right and back to the left. You will feel tight and restricted at first. Maintain an erect posture with eyes straight ahead. Do this slowly at first, then build up the rate of speed. Rotate back and through 10 times for 3 sets.

This is a starting (basic) core exercise that will make a HUGE difference if you haven’t worked on your core before. You will notice a difference in your range of motion and power output on the course quickly.

You can also use a golf swing trainer such as the Orange Whip Trainer to increase your strength and flexibility. With just a  little bit of work you will see a dramatic increase  in your golf swing speed!



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