Hit Longer Drives – The Top 4 Ways

Hit Longer Drives – The Top 4 Ways

Describing how the golf swing is a natural pendulum swing. Once you implement this and allow your club to swing naturally, your golf game will improve and you will have much more fun with lower scores.

Top 4 Ways To Hit Longer Drives

Want to take your game to the next level? Every serious golfer does. But doing it is easier said than done. One golf tip that can help you take your game to the level is to become more aggressive. Ideally, you want to attack courses instead of letting them dominate you—a mindset that’s built on confidence and comes from mastering the basics.

The first step in acquiring this mindset is to hit longer drives. Longer drives result in shorter approach shots. Shorter approach shots mean hitting more greens in regulation. That, in turn, increases your pars and birdies. Making more of those not only decreases your score, it also reduces your golf handicap. Below are four golf tips that can help you generate the kind of power you need to take your game to the next level:

1. Make a big turn—Generating tremendous swing speed is critical if you want to hit it long off the tee. The faster your swing speed, the farther the ball goes. The secret to generating tremendous swing speed, as we’ve said before in our golf tips newsletter, is in your turn. You need to turn as far as your body allows. That will be different for each player because each person’s flexibility is different. Some people are more flexible than others and can turn more.

Take Bubba Watson. He’s among the Tour’s longest hitters. He’s much more flexible than the average golfer. So his turn is bigger, which helps him generate more power than the average golfer. Of course, we don’t recommend you copy his swing in every detail. He breaks a lot of “rules” when hitting a driver. But he illustrates the point about turning your body as far as you can perfectly.

2. Supercharge your hip turn — No one turns their hips faster than Rory McIlroy. He does it at a rate of 719 degrees per second. Even Bubba has a hard time keeping up with him. So if you want to hit it long off the tee, learn to turn your hips faster. Here’s a great drill to help you do that. It also creates a whip-like feel to your downswing, which also helps generate power.

Grip your driver upside down, near the clubhead at the end of the shaft. The take practice swings. Try to make the whoosh sound that occurs when swinging come after the point of impact. If the whoosh sound occurs before impact, turn your hips faster.

3. Pay attention to your footwork — Tour pros footwork sometimes looks sloppy. But there’s often more to it. Watson is a good example of what we’re talking about here. His toes push off at impact. He also spins his front foot out to maintain his hip turn. Both moves boost swing speed by creating more room for the club to whip through the swing. And both are proven biomechanically to work. Take a look at some videos of Bubba swinging a driver. You’ll see what we mean.

4. Shrug off bad drives — Distance pays off. But not every drive is going to land in the fairway. Your accuracy will go down when trying to hit big drives. So reserve that effort for the times when the situation calls for it. The rest of the time go for the fairway. Of course, even when you do go for it, there will be times when you miss with your drives. Shrug those misses off. You can still hit the green from the rough with a good shot. So stand a little closer to the ball and steepen your downswing—especially when hitting short irons.

These four golf tips help you generate awesome power. That, in turn, produces longer drives and, ultimately, more birdies and pars. But trying to hit longer drives will sometimes get you in trouble. So it behooves you to practice shots that help you get out of trouble when necessary, like a punch shot from the rough or a low cut with your 3-wood. Knowing how to hit trouble shots can bail you out of trouble when necessary
and save you strokes.

But practice these trouble shots first. You don’t want to try them for the first time while on the course. (We discuss many of these shots in our golf tips newsletter. So that’s something you want to check out as soon as possible.) Master these trouble shots and you’ll help cut strokes from your scores and your golf handicap.

Want to take your game to the next level? Be more aggressive. Attack courses by hitting long drives. Hitting them long and far helps cut strokes from your score and your golf handicap. And while you’ll probably never drive the ball as far as Rory or Bubba, you can increase your distance off the tee by ingraining the four golf tips described above.


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