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There’s no getting away from it, the key to success in the game of golf lies within what happens on the putting green. It doesn’t matter how consistent the rest of your game is, the inability to sink your golf putts will almost always result in a mediocre score.

Described by many as a game within a game, putting in most cases accounts for nearly half of the shots played in a round of golf, and getting at least the basics right is a must if your goal is to improve your overall golf game.

The first and most important thing every golf player needs to get right when putting is their alignment. In order to hit a straight golf putt, the face of your putter needs to be square at impact. Many golfers struggle to get this right and see no improvement in their putting. Next time your on the practice green try placing a golf club either side of the ball facing towards the target, a little wider than the face of your putter. When hitting the ball, make sure your keep your putter inside the golf clubs. This should result in a square face at impact and give you an overall straighter golf putt.

Another way to help create a straighter golf putt is to swap your hands around so that your right hand is gripping the top off the putter and your left hand is gripping the bottom. This may sound a little odd, but some golfers find that it eliminates a lot of common faults in the putting stroke such as breaking your wrist during your backstroke and swinging the putter to hard.

It also prevents any of your hands being more dominant than the other which helps keep your putter straight.

A good putting tip is to position the back of the ball in the middle of your stance. This will help you stroke through the ball and eliminate any unwanted bounce in your golf putt allowing the ball to travel on the path you set, rather than wandering in a different direction.

Overall the best way to improve your putting is practice. There are many helpful hints and tips you can use to expand your knowledge of the game. It’s just a matter of using them to your advantage and not letting the game get the better of you.

Good Luck on the Green!

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