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NO.5 Side View

If you want to balance, to keep your knees flexing slightly and your feet over the ball directly is required. Stack  your center of the upper spine (between your shoulder blades), knees and balls of the feet when viewed from behind the ball on the target line. cock the back knee slightly inward towards the target, which will help you brace yourself on this leg during tha back swing, and prevent lower body away.

Bend your body at the hips, not in the waist (your buttocks will protrude slightly when you are in this correct posture). The spine as the axis of the rotation for the swing, should be bent towards the ball from the hips at about a 90-degree angle to the shaft of the club. The correct angle relationship between the spine and the shaft will elevate you swing skill, arms and body as a team on the correct plane.

Keep your vertebrace in a straight line and don’t bend in the middle of the spine. if you spine in a loose way, every degree of bend decreases your shoulder turn by 1.5 degrees. Your power potentials determined by your ability to turn your shoulders on the back swing,so straighten your spine in line for longer drives and more consistent ball striking.


NO.6 Face View
When viewed from face on, tilt to the side, slightly away from the target. The target side hip and shoulder should be slightly higher than the back hip and shoulder. Set your entire pelvis an inch or two toward the target. This places the hips in the lead and it counter balances your body as your upper spine leans away from the target.
Your chin should be up, out of your chest to encourage a better shoulder turn. Tip your head at the same angle as the spine and focus  your eyes on the inside portion of the back of the ball.


NO.7 Arms and Hands
At address, hang your hands just forward of your zipper (just off the inside of your target side thigh). The hands-to-body distance varies depending on the club you select. A good rule of thumb is hands “a palm’s width” (photo, left) from the body for short and middle Iron Set (4 to 6 inches) and “a palm’s length” (photo, right) – from the bottom of the wrist to the tip of your middle finger – for long Iron Set and woods.


NO.8 Final Setup
Lean the shaft of the club slightly toward the target with your short Iron Set because the ball is placed in the center of your stance. With your middle Iron Set, the shaft of the club will lean only slightly toward the target (or not at all) for the ball is forward of center. With long Iron Set and woods, your hands and the shaft of the club will  be in line. Again, as the ball position moves forward, the hands keep in the same place so the lean of the shaft vanishs. With a driver, the shaft will lean away from the target. 
Your arms and shoulders should form a triangle and the elbows should point to the hips.

At address you should free your upper body from tension. You may feel tension only down the inside of the back leg.


Notice: your good setup will create the excellent swing. I would like to recommend the another good article: http://www.golfseasonss.com/article-159-Choose-Right-Irons-according-to-You-Style-.html to you, Thank you for reading my article!



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