Putting Tips – Three Common Mistakes Made

Putting Tips – Three Common Mistakes Made

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Putting Tips – Three Common Mistakes Made

I want to talk about 3 mistakes people make on the putting green.

Number 1 is the eyes in the putting, a lot of people will get over the ball getting ready to hit their putting stroke, knock that putt in and the tendency is to follow either the putter head or the ball to the hole.  When your eyes move, your whole body moves.  You want to keep your head steady over the ball, looking at the spot where the ball was after the stroke.

The second key is your lead wrist.  When you’re putting, a good putting stroke is not going to let the lead wrist break down.  If it breaks down here, you’re going to misdirect that putt towards the hole. So work on trying to keep your lead wrist firm and flat through the putting stroke.

The third key is the pace of the stroke.  We want to have a nice, even putting stroke, more like a pendulum, nice and smooth so the putting stroke is the same back and through.

So as you work on these 3 things, your body is going to be steady, eyes on the ball, a nice stroke to the hole and hopefully the ball goes in.  Try that and have some fun.

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