Golf Lessons For Beginners


Golf is an incredibly hard and exasperating sport, even top pros like Tiger Woods are continually getting golf lessons from their coaches to maintain their game at a soaring level.  If you desire to get better then the finest key would be to see your pro and get some golf lessons.  No matter what stage your golf is you could always benefit from having them to keep your game on track or heading in a superior direction.  Here I will provide a few lessons which everybody can find helpful.


This is one of the most fundamental golf lessons where everybody ought to begin.  If you don’t study the golf fundamentals foremost you will not be able to build up a sound golf swing.  A good quality golf swing stems from good quality fundamentals. Here are the major points you should learn.


Those points above must be mastered if you would like to develop a high-quality golf game.  There are three different ways to hold a golf club.  The overlapping, interlocking and baseball grip. To grip the golf club grasp it in your left hand if you are right handed and a line it diagonally across your fingers to the base of your pinky.  Then fold your hand over it making a V with your finger and thumb.  The V should be sandwiched between your right shoulder and head.

Then rest your right hand on the grip forming a V parallel to the other V.

The stance ought to be shoulder breadth for more or less every shot.  As the clubs get shorter you can build your stance slightly narrower.


.The most excellent way to get perfect alignment is to put down two clubs; one pointing at the mark and the other parallel to it.  This will provide you with perfect alignment.  To attain this on the golf course aim your club head at the target and obtain your stance parallel to the target line.


Your ball position will have an effect on the flight of a golf ball.  For short and middle irons you want the ball to be in the centre of your stance.  For lengthy irons you would like it to be nearer to your left foot and for woods you would like the ball to be located just before your left foot.


Perfect posture should feel like you are sitting on a chair.  You ought to bend from the hips and you must feel relaxed.  The greatest thing to do is attempt to duplicate tiger woods’ posture or several other top pros.

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