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“Working with Tom has been great!  I am new to golf but was a discus thrower for many years.  Tom and I have worked to leverage the similarities between the two sports.  He does a great job of understanding the sports background I have and how it applies to the golf swing.”

Went out to Pruneridge and played 9 holes.  Lowest round by 4 strokes, shot a 38 on the par 30 course (included a 4 putt, didn’t keep focused on the last two putts, after hitting my first shot on the green on the par 3).  Also used my 5 wood off the last tee (driving range net on the right so wasn’t worried about slicing it) about 240 yrs 2 inches off the fairway to the right but pretty straight and with a nice an easy swing.  Overall was the most consistent I’ve played.

-Pete Ringquist

Hey Tom,

So I tend to send over good results vs the bad, even though sometimes the bad are a better learning experience.  I attached the screen shot of the scorecard from my round at DeepCliff Sunday.  It wasn’t perfect (for example on 18 I hit my tee shot 8 yards short of the green on a uphill lie and tried to chip it just over the hill so it would roll out and hit it 4 yrds, then hit it 3 more, so still sitting on the hill.  Chipped my fourth shot about 8 feet from the hole and made the putt for a 5 on the par 3) but overall was the best I’ve ever played and 22 shots better than the last time I played 18 at DeepCliff.  If I can play like that and get my driver dialed in (made some big progress on Sat) I definitely won’t embarrass myself in Massachusetts.  I’ll be playing tonight at Shoreline and will see you on Wednesday at 5.


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