Golf Tips – Timing and Tempo

Golf Tips – Timing and Tempo

Golf Tips from THE LESSON TEE by Tom Good

Timing and Tempo

In your golf swing, what goes first, the arms or the legs? How about “they go together”! When thinking about this try to think about the whole body working together, if it is not working together your golf swing will feel jerky, and off balance. We need to get every part of the body working together, in order to move a small round object called a golf ball, that weighs 1.62 ounces.

At different times I have talked about the importance of the lower body in the golf swing, and how it must lead and generate the power. I still believe this, but the body must work as one cohesive unit. Someone may have a slow lower body and fast arms, the opposite would be slow arms, and a fast lower body. Each of these scenarios will lead to inconsistent swing patterns, resulting in inconsistent golf shots!

Work on trying to match up your arm speed with your leg speed. Try to feel that your entire body is working together to move the golf ball. When we talk about timing and tempo, this is what we are talking about. Don’t let one part of the body out-work another, they must all work together!

Timing and rhythm are the most important elements of the golf swing, we need to work on these two together to be a more successful golfer.











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